Christmas bellsMore than just an editor, I have extensive experience in conservation biology, environmental science and natural resource management. I have worked with numerous government and non-government agencies and understand the legislative and policy frameworks you work within.

Nature Edit has been providing thorough, high quality, confidential editing, writing and rewriting services to a range of clients since 2009. I specialise in scientific, technical, strategic planning and policy documents written for the general public.

Click on the following links to see a list of documents I have edited, written or rewritten for these organisations:

I try and keep the hyperlinks to documents on external websites up to date, however, sometimes these links break – apologies in advance if this happens! Also, please keep in mind that clients often make minor changes to documents after I have provided the final edit to them (e.g. they may add a Foreword, or make other changes/additions to the text). Similarly, I often edit draft documents prepared for public exhibition and sometimes minor changes are made to the draft prior to publication of the final.