How I can help

Have you spent so long working on your document that you can no longer pick up errors and inconsistencies? Is your document long or complex, or does it include scientific jargon and technical terms? Do you need to ensure that the general public understands what you have written? Are you running out of time and need help putting the finishing touches on your document so it’s ready to publish?

Contact me, I can help.

I am meticulous and thorough

I have decades of experience editing and reviewing scientific and technical reports, plans and strategies. I will work with you to ensure your documents are clear, concise, consistent, correct and coherent (the ‘five C’s of editing’).

  • I provide the ‘fresh eyes’ and a wealth of relevant experience you need to deliver a clear, consistent and logical document worthy of all the effort you have put in to research, planning and writing.
  • I excel at in-depth, detailed editing of documents, in particular, complex or long scientific and technical documents. This is referred to as substantive editing.

One area that often requires particular attention in complex technical documents is checking cross-references to various components. I’ll cross-check citations with the reference list, and ensure all components like tables, figures, maps, images and appendices are correctly cross-referenced. I’ll make sure that the text ‘talks to’ any maps and figures you have included.

I provide a range of editorial services to suit your time, budget and document.

Photo of purple orchid.I understand your content

I have decades of experience in conservation biology, environmental science and natural resource management so I understand the content of your documents.

My strong science and technical background means I am able to develop a clear understanding of your document and provide a more thorough review to ensure it is correct and ready to publish.

I can help you improve the readability, logic and flow of your plans, strategies and reports — an essential task prior to public consultation and final publication.

I make your words make sense

My clients consistently thank me for making their documents easy to read and more coherent. This is what plain English editing is all about. It’s not about ‘dumbing down’ your content. It’s about making sure your words make sense and making sure an interested reader will readily understand your document.

  • If your audience is the general public (as is the case for most government reports), I can help you produce a plain English document.
  • I can help you communicate complex or technical information and explain key concepts simply and clearly.

Photo of banksia

I can write you a plain English summary

Do you need a simple, plain English summary to ensure your main points are understood and communicated effectively?

I have written lots of simple summaries to accompany complex technical or scientific documents. This allows the science to stand alone in the published main report, but also ensures a simple, plain English version is available to effectively communicate your key findings or messages to the public.

I can help with the finishing touches

Are you running out of time and need help putting the finishing touches on your document so it’s ready to publish? Are you ‘nearly there’ but need some help pulling together your content and material into a coherent document?

  • If your document is at the final stages prior to publication I can undertake a proofread to ensure it is accurate and complete.
  • I can help you produce a high quality document that meets accessibility standards prior to publishing.
  • If you have agency or department style standards, I can ensure these are adhered to.
  • If your Word document styles are a mess, don’t stress, I’ve had years of experience wrangling Word styles into shape!

I can help! Contact me…