StyleManualCoverCopyediting is editing to ensure a document is correct, consistent, accurate and complete. Compared with substantive editing, copyediting involves a narrower range of tasks, and focuses on style and consistency.

Nature Edit will:
  • ensure the meaning of your document is clear and appropriately expressed (or highlight confusing sentences)
  • correct language — grammar, sentence structure, spelling, punctuation
  • ensure language is consistent, for example:
    • terms commonly used
    • spelling
    • use of capitals, hyphens, dashes and bullet points
    • format of shortened forms (e.g. acronyms)
    • expression of numbers and units of measure
    • format of citations
    • presentation of tables
  • ensure visual elements are consistent, for example:
    • typography (e.g. fonts and typefaces)
    • headings and heading levels
    • page layouts
    • figures, tables, other illustrations and their captions/titles
  • apply any house/corporate styles or standards.

Nature Edit provides the ‘fresh eyes’ needed to pick up those errors and inconsistencies you can no longer see.