Plain English editing

Plain English editing ensures your document is clear, concise and suited to your audience. This involves rewriting all or part of a document to ensure that information is presented in a way that an interested reader will readily understand.

Plain English rewriting is particularly useful prior to public release of technical, scientific or other complex reports and strategies. A plain English summary is also a great way of summarising the main points in a complex document and can greatly enhance people’s understanding of the main document.

Nature Edit will:
  • make sure your document is clear, concise and readily understandable
  • simplify or explain jargon and technical terms where appropriate
  • simplify overly long and complex sentences
  • ensure the information and main messages in your document are clearly and concisely articulated
  • check that the formatting and layout of your document enhances readability
  • prepare plain English summaries to accompany complex, long documents.