Substantive editing

Substantive editing (sometimes called structural editing) is a more intensive edit to improve a document’s organisation, structure and content. It is editing to clarify meaning, improve flow and smooth language to ensure a consistent ‘voice’ or tone throughout a document. There are three main tasks in a substantive edit: reviewing the structure of the document to ensure it is logical, editing language and style, and improving presentation and layout.

I will work closely with you regarding any recommended substantive edits.

Nature Edit will:
  • improve the structure of your document:
    • review the logical flow of the main sections of the document
    • rearrange, expand and summarise information
    • suggest additional information as necessary (e.g. illustrations, glossary)
    • undertake any major rewriting as required
  • edit language and style to ensure that:
    • the language is appropriate to your intended audience
    • the text flows logically
    • all information/messages are clear and unambiguous
    • unnecessary repetition and irrelevant information is removed
    • there is a consistent ‘voice’, or style and tone of language (particularly important in multi-author documents)
  • improve the presentation of your document:
    • check that presentation is simple, clear and effective
    • check that tables, figures and other illustrations are appropriate, clear and correctly positioned
    • check that the text is consistent with information provided in tables, figures, appendices and other elements
    • cross-check citations against the reference list to ensure all references are included
    • check all in-text cross-references to figures, tables, appendices, attachments and other elements
    • ensure that there is sufficient explanation of symbols, abbreviations and terms in the text or the glossary.